Advanced Aircraft Hangars NFPA 409 2011

This course ups your knowledge of aircraft hangar groups and how to construct and protect them.

The Advanced Aircraft Hangars course is designed to help you learn about advanced aircraft hangars and provide periodic I&T.

Course topics include:

  • Definitions
  • NFPA 409 2011 requirements
  • Construction of Group I and Group II Aircraft Hangars
  • Protection of Group I Aircraft Hangars, Protection of Group II Aircraft Hangars
  • Group III Aircraft Hangars 
  • Periodic Inspection and Testing


At the end of the course there will be questions to test your knowledge!


Continuing Education Approval:

  • Illinois
  • Colorado:  Course 8197
  • ICC:  Course 12878

If your state or requiring agency needs a course approval, please submit request to


Learning Objective

Understand requirements for Aircraft Hangars per NFPA 409 2011.

This course provides the knowledge to:

  • Recognize construction information for each type of aircraft hangar
  • Apply protection requirements for Groups I, II, and III aircraft hangars
  • Determine design requirements for unfueled aircraft hangars
Course Details
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    30 Days
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