Ohio Portable Fire Extinguishers NFPA 10 2013

The Ohio Fire Marshal exam prep courses offer presentation and sample test questions to help you learn and prepare.  The courses also provide CEU credits for: 

BO=Building Official
MPE=Master Plans Examiner
BI=Building Inspector

FPI=Fire Protection Inspector


Learn about Portable Fire Extinguishers!  The Ohio Portable Fire Extinguishers course is an approved Ohio course that teaches the first line of defense against limited size fires. 

This course successfully prepares industry veterans, as well as novices, for the Ohio Fire Marshal Exam.

Portable Fire Extinguishers Certification Preparation Course Outline

  1. Introduction and Administration
  2. NFPA 10 2013 - Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers
  3. Classification of Hazards
  4. Classification of Fires
  5. Portable Fire Extinguishers

Over 100 sample questions to help prepare students for the state test.

Ohio Approval #:  
BBS2018-029 for BO, BI, FPI, MI, RBO and RBI



"Thanks to your training course I passed the test on my first attempt without any prior experience."
Sean B.


Learning Objective

Understand the basic requirements of Portable Fire Extinguishers per NFPA 10 2013.

This course provides the knowledge to:

  • Learn portable fire extinguisher terminology, requirements, and classifications
  • Determine correct size and properly install a portable fire extinguisher given specific fire classifications
  • Properly inspect and maintain a fire extinguisher with correct record keeping
  • Perform hydrostatic testing 
Course Details
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    30 Days
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