Fire Alarm System Wiring NFPA 72 2016, L1

Fire Alarm System Wiring NEC 2014

This course explains the wiring requirements for fire alarm systems. The National Electrical Code is a massive 800+ page code that is difficult to navigate. This course identifies and explains the areas of the NEC related to fire alarm system wiring.

Average completion time of the course is 90 minutes.

Required references – NEC 2014

Highlights of the course

NEC definitions and terminology

  • Article 760 – Fire Alarm Systems

    • Conductor insulation types for fire alarm systems

    • Requirements for the fire alarm system branch circuit

    • NEC approved cable substitutions

  • Understanding conductor ampacity rating tables

  • Sizing of the grounding conductors

  • How to perform box fill calculations

  • Article 358 – EMT conduit installation requirements

  • Conduit fill calculations

  • Voltage drop calculations for notification appliance circuits

This course provides required knowledge for:

Fire alarm system installers

Fire alarm system designers


Building inspectors

Fire inspectors

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