Ohio Fire Pumps NFPA 20 2016

The Ohio Fire Marshal exam prep courses offer presentation and sample test questions to help you learn and prepare.  The courses also provide CEU credits for: 

BO=Building Official
MPE=Master Plans Examiner
BI=Building Inspector

FPI=Fire Protection Inspector


Get to know Fire Pumps!  The Ohio Fire Pumps course provides provides training for the state of Ohio's Fire Pumps Certification exam so you can pass your state certification on the first attempt!  

Contains over 100 sample questions and successfully prepares industry veterans, as well as novices.


Ohio Fire Pumps CEU Credits and Ohio Fire Marshal Exam Certification Preparation Course Outline

  1. Administration
  2. NFPA 20 2016 Requirements
  3. Definitions
  4. General Requirements
  5. Pumps
  6. Drivers and Controllers
  7. Acceptance and Testing Requirements

Each lesson concludes with a test and the last lesson contains 3 randomized 50 question quizzes to help prepare you for the Ohio State Fire Marshal exam.

Ohio Approval #:  BBS2018-030

"You've got a great product for a fair price. I passed my Fire Pump test on the first attempt and am currently testing a Fire Pump and wanted to call and say Thank You!"
- Darrell Price 

"Thanks to your training course I passed the test on my first attempt without any prior experience."
Sean Brannen

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