Automatic Sprinkler & Standpipe Systems NFPA 13 2019, L1

This Automatic Sprinkler & Standpipe Systems online course provides CEU credits for BOs, MPEs, BIs, and FPIs. For the CEUs, credit hours are given when you complete this on-line course in the following areas: Building Offical, Master Plans Examiner, Building Inspector & FP Inspector, Wisconsin Credit Areas, Sprinkler Contractor, Sprinkler Contractor-Maintenance Registration, Commercial Building Inspector & Journeyman Sprinkler Fitter Florida. The course includes training on Administration, Sprinklers, Residential Sprinklers, Standpipes, and Inspection, Testing and Maintenance. This Automatic Sprinkler & Standpipe online course successfully prepares industry veterans and novices.
Learning Objective

Understand basic requirements of Fire Sprinklers and Standpipe Systems per NFPA 13 2019.

This course provides the knowledge to help you:

  • Identify the types of sprinkler and standpipe systems and their components
  • Determine sprinkler and standpipe system limitations and associated installation requirements defined in NFPA 13
  • Distinguish differences between 13D and 13R sprinkler systems
  • Locate Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance requirements for sprinkler and standpipe systems defined in NFPA 25
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    90 Days
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