Storage Tank Systems NFPA 22 2018 L3

Is there ever enough storage??? This course provides in-depth information for storage tanks per NFPA 22 2018.

This course successfully prepares industry veterans, as well as novices.

Course topics include:

  • Fire protection tanks
  • Sizing a tank
  • Steel tank towers
  • Connections and fittings
  • Acceptance testing

At the end of the course there will be a quiz designed to test your knowledge and understanding of the course material.  Start studying today!

Learning Objective

Understand requirements for storage tank systems per NFPA 22 2018.

This course provides the knowledge to:

  • Identify the different types of fire protection tanks and their applications
  • Properly size a tank
  • Calculate air to water ratios for pressure tanks
Course Details
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    30 Days
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