Fire Service Mains NFPA 24 2016

This prep course offers presentations and sample test questions to help you gain a better understanding of fire service mains.

Learn more about Fire Service Mains! The Fire Service Mains course provides training for the Fire Service Mains Certification exam so you can pass your state certification on the first attempt! This course contains over 75 sample questions.

The Fire Service Mains course successfully prepares industry veterans, as well as novices.

Fire Service Mains Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. NFPA 24 2016 Requirements
  3. Inspection and Testing of Fire Service Mains

The lessons conclude with 3 randomized 50 question quizzes to test your knowledge.

If your state or requiring agency needs a course approval, please submit request to


Learning Objective

Understand basic requirements of Fire Service Mains per NFPA 24 2016.

  • Understand piping, components, and private service mains
  • Identify valves, valve components, and trim
  • Inspect valves
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