Hangers and Bracing NFPA 13 2016, L2

Just Hangin' around!  Learn more on the highs and lows of hanging and bracing sprinkler systems. 

This course reviews Hangers and Bracing requirements per NFPA 13 2016.

Course topics include:

§Hanging, Bracing, and Restraint of System Piping
§Trapeze Hangers
§Hanger Rods
§Fasteners in Concrete
§Fasteners in Steel
§Fasteners in Wood
§Installation of Pipe Hangers
§Maximum Distance Between Hangers
§Location of Hangers on Branch Lines
§Location of Hangers on Mains
§Support of Risers
§Sway Bracing of Risers


At the end of the course there will be questions to test your knowledge!

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