Complete Water-Based Systems Inspection and Testing Guide NFPA 25 2017, L3

This  continuing education course is a comprehensive review of NFPA 25 2017. It is recommended for anyone in jurisdictions adopting new code editions or as a study for those seeking knowledge, update and understanding of the code.

Course topics include:

Role of the Inspector

Sprinkler Inspection & Testing

Dry Pipe Systems and Control Valve Inspections

Preaction & Deluge Systems Inspection & Testing

Fire Pump Systems Inspection & Testing

Water Storage Tanks Inspection & Testing

Standpipe Systems Inspection & Testing

Private Fire Service Mains Inspection & Testing


Learning Objective

Get a complete understanding of inspection and testing water-based system requirements per NFPA 25 2017 edition.

This course provides the knowledge to:

  • Define the duties and role of the Inspector
  • Determine inspection and testing procedures and frequencies for the following types of systems:
    • Dry pipe, preaction, and deluge systems
    • Fire pumps
    • Water storage tanks
    • Standpipe systems
    • Private fire service mains 
Course Details
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    90 Days
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    US $ 249.00
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