Aircraft Hangars NFPA 409 2016, L3

The Aircraft Hangars Course covers Definitions, Construction of Group I and Group II Aircraft Hangars, Protection of Group I Aircraft Hangars, Protection of Group II Aircraft Hangars, Group III Aircraft Hangars, and Periodic Inspection and Testing per NFPA 409, 2016 requirements. The course contains a self-paced lesson and quiz, allowing you to test your knowledge of the course material. Start studying today! Recommended Reference Books: NFPA 409, 2016 edition.
Learning Objective

Understand requirements for Aircraft Hangars per NFPA 409 2016.

This course provides the knowledge to:

  • Recognize construction information for each type of aircraft hangar
  • Apply protection requirements for Groups I, II, and III aircraft hangars
  • Determine design requirements for unfueled aircraft hangars
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