Fire Pump Systems NFPA 20 2013, L2

Get Pumped Up!  This course provides the fundamentals of fire pumps creating a foundation for more in-depth courses.

Contains many sample questions and successfully prepares industry veterans, as well as novices.


Course topics include:

  • NFPA 20 2013 Requirements
  • Pump Selection
  • Installation Requirements

The course concludes with a content exam.


Continuing Education Approval:

  • Illinois
  • ICC:  Course 13265

If your state or requiring agency needs a course approval, please submit request to

Learning Objective

Understand the fundamentals of fire pump systems per NFPA 20 2013.

This course provides the knowledge to:

  • Determine installation requirements for fire pump systems and components
  • Apply high-rise building requirements
  • Properly size and select a fire pump
Course Details
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    30 Days
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